Embrace The Wild Side

Pine Outfitters would like to thank everyone who stopped by to embrace the wild side and make our 7-day pop up in Soho a huge success. We were honored to have met many of the people we only dreamed about connecting with while designing our outerwear, including the irrepressible Andy Cohen, progressive-minded SoHo shoppers, members of the media, and so many creative and passionate people eager to change the world. We sincerely appreciate the support of our partner, the National Forest Foundation, which is planting 669 trees following our NYC run. We remain committed to the NFF – with every Pine purchase, a tree is planted, helping our environment and allowing everyone the chance to embrace our wild side for years to come.

Following our successful debut as a pop-up store in Manhattan, we are so excited to announce the launching of our fall line at pineoutfitters.shop and to take the next step of this adventure.

Let’s embrace our wild side together and keep on planting trees!


Pine Outfitters