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Our Mission

We strive to create and promote a product that is durable, fashion forward, and a symbol of our beautiful environment around the world, where our environment is our playground and priority.

About Us

Pine Outfitters is a lifestyle outerwear brand that is dedicated to saving the environment and catering a sustainably new and unique style to people who love to have fun in mother nature’s natural beauty, hence our motto, “Embrace The Wild Side.” This calls to people such as snowboarders, skiers, surfers, climbers, bikers, motor cross athletes and more. Our mission is to deliver products that are durable, fashionable in every setting (specialized in rural and exotic locations) that symbolize care and love for Earth’s environment through our philanthropic partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

Recycling Is Our Passion

Billions of plastic bottles end up in landfills annually. Amazingly, these bottles can be transformed into the very shirts we manufacture at Pine Outfitters. With the help of our friends at Unifi, Pine uses Repreve material to create shirts made from recycled water bottles. Plastic bottles are broken down and ultimately made into a recycled fiber polyester, which allows us to create performance-grade Pine apparel. With the help of brands like Pine, Unifi has recycled roughly 14 billion plastic bottles to date. Let’s continue this upward trend. Shop Sustainable. Shop Pine.