Pine Outfitters main goal is to promote environmental awareness and to help save and preserve our ecosystems around the world. When people see the “Pine” logo, we want people to understand the importance of this necessary mission. Our earth is being depleted more and more each day and with that the natural beauty we love is being threatened at an alarming rate. We want people to embrace the wonders of our environment to re-unite the importance of human tie with nature. Hence, our motto “Embrace the Wild Side.” Our mantra serves as a reminder that the environment is part of who we are.

Fashion is our focus, but the environment is our mission. We are proud to officially announce our partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) and have pledged to donate a percentage of each sale to aid the National Forest Foundation’s commitment to the environment. The NFF was founded in 1993 with the mission “to bring people together and to restore and enhance our National Forests and Grasslands.” The NFF is driven to restore, add value, unite and sustain ecosystems to their natural resiliency and functions through “on-the-ground conservation.” While we are trying to build a brand and a business, we pledge to do our part to save the environment that is being continuously exploited. You can feel proud knowing that by shopping at you will be directly benefiting the fight to save our environment. We must realize that every effort counts. It won’t happen overnight, but together, we truly can make a difference.

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